Symbol: Sun // Colors: Red, Yellow, White

Alignment: Lawful Chaotic Good // Weapon: Two handed Greatsword or Morning Star

Aspects: Justice, Law, Order, War, Fire, Sun, Purification, Good, Protection, Honor, and Vengeance.

Followers: War Clerics/priests, Fighters, Paladins, Investigators, Inquisitors, Kings.


Long Red Flowing hair, Pale White skin, Silver, Red and Gold Heavy Armor with a white Veil over her face connected to a gilded crown on her head.

Code of Justice:

Vanquish evil in any

of its forms, so that

the good of all shall

shine like a beacon

bright enough to cast

away the darkness of

an impure heart.


Alnaeria is the Fabled and Mythical City of Alyara the Goddess of the Sun. All Depict Alnaeria as a Large Militaristic City with Various Spires and towers to keep watch over the land of the living. It is also believed that The City has an abundance of training grounds following Alyara’s Strict training regiment. Many who follow Alyara believe that one day the end of life will come, So they train to be ready to fight whatever force that may threaten the Material plane and possibly the gods. It is also believed that high ranking Soldiers are promoted to Angels. Once in a great while the sun will become eclipsed by Luraena’s moon. For the duration of the eclipse Alyara’s Spiritual presence will disappear from the world making it impossible to contact the goddess of the sun.