Symbol: A flame sheltered by roots  // Colors: Green, Light Blue, Brown

Alignment: Neutral Good // Weapon: Claws, Fists, Teeth

Aspects: Nature, Elements, Beasts, Fire, Water, Air, Earth.

Followers: Druids, Elementalists, Savages, Tribals, Huntsmen.


Earth Form: Similar to that of a satyr but constructed of Vines and rocks.

Fire Form: Similar to that of an Ifreet But made completely of fire.

Air Form: Human looking Body of Whistling Winds and clouds.

Water Form: A Human looking body Made up of Coral and Flowing water.

True Form: Torso Made of Vines and Rocks, Arms Made of Coral and Flowing water, Legs are a Swirling Vortex of Clouds, Head is an Emblazoned Obsidian Mask.

Wild Magic:

Like the Natural order of things

Wild magic is Unpredictable.

Those who Specialize in such magic

Find it immensely powerful, but

Entirely unreliable. However wild

Magic can be regained from the

Environment after a couple of minutes.

The Elemental Planes:


This is Haeshiis’s Elemental Plane of Water, the entire plane is covered in water and should a mortal find himself here they would find any water breathing magics invaluable. Despite this this Ocean like realm has thousands of sea dwelling creatures ranging from peaceful fish to Roving underwater beasts.


This is Haeshiis’s Elemental Plane of Fire, the Entire plane is Covered in fire and smoke, this Realm is extremely hazardous to mortals not immune to fire and have no need to breathe. This plane houses creatures known as Rage lions as well as the many types of fire elementals.


This is Haeshiis’s Elemental Plane of Air, This plane houses all sorts of birds and other creatures that fly. There is no solid ground in this plane unless you can walk on clouds. This is a fairly peaceful realm.


This is HaeShiis’s Elemental Plane of Earth, This plane houses all sorts of Beasts and animals in large underground forest with light emanating from nowhere. The beasts here vary as it would seem that the strangest of beasts evolve overtime to help them hunt.


Caern is the Center of Haeshiis’s realms, None can access this place unless one is trying to kill Haeshiis’s himself. But in order to do this one must destroy the corresponding elemental apparition of Haeshiis from each Elemental Plane. Because of this None know what lies in wait in this realm.