Symbol: Skull with an Axe embedded in it // Colors: Red, Black, Silver

Alignment: Evil, Chaotic // Weapon: Cat ‘o’ nine Tails

Aspects: Murder, Slaughter, Betrayal, Ruthlessness, Torture, Rage.

Followers: Berserkers, Torturers, Killers, Pit Fighters, Arena combatants.


Could be Described as Almost Skin and Bones he resembles a man on the verge of dying of Anorexia, He is Very tall and has long fingernails, Large hands and Wide shoulders. He has a Large beard and very few hairs on his head. He adorns himself in the skin and Bones of his Followers who fail his teachings.

Teachings of Pain:

I Create Pain, As your Blood begins to Rain

I Give you Reason, to Commit your Treason

Blood, Guts, Gore, and Death

Relieve them of their Final Breath

Burdened From their Lives I Free them from Their Shackles

As I Release my Final Cackle.

Harvekthian Fighting Pits:

Those that Worship Jalinor end up in the Harvekthian Fighting pits, a Dungeon filled with Torture equipment, Crude Rusted weapons, and Deadly beasts. The Dungeon walls are blanketed in Skin, hair, Teeth, and Eyes. The Structures are built out of Bones, Intestines and Muscles. While the Lights are hung by Veins. These parts are from several different creatures, and followers. However These structures, walls and the like are still very much alive, always feeling the pain from having been torn apart. One can still hear the Screams of these individuals from the walls ceilings and floors as their Lungs help make them up.

In the Center of this Dungeon is a Large Arena Constructed of Limbs that have been lost due to the fighting. In this Arena are Creatures, Men, Women of various Races Fighting for Supremacy and the Crown of being Chosen as a Vessel for Jalinor to Channel his Strength Should he need to. Those that become Chosen are Put into an Iron Maiden Designed to Strip them of their Flesh, Should their Minds not break from the pain and Torture they become a Champion of Jalinor, These Champions Enforce the Brutality of the Fighting pits. Then once in a Great While the Champions will Fight each other Among the already fighting for a Crown Combatants, To Become Jalinors Avatar. The only Condition that must be met for this to happen is all arena combatants must be what would be considered dead if they were allowed to die. Afterwards The winner must go toe to toe with the Previous avatar and defeat him in battle and wear his crown. As it stands there have been three Avatars of Jalinor, but none were as famous as Korthak.