Also Known as the Missing Goddess as she has been Missing for Millennia, Not even the other Gods know where she has gone. Back when the Worlds had thrived Lacesus had been tasked with the duty of Destroying any impurities and any corruption that would infect the Mortal Worlds from outside their Realm. This Often Meant Killing Demons and many Creatures from the Void As they Desires the world in which Mortals walked as their own. However After a Time The Goddess of Destruction had Gone Mad and begun Destroying the worlds she had sworn to Protect. Thanks to the Efforts of the other Greater Gods They had stopped her before she had sent everything back to the nothingness from whence it came. However shortly after her Defeat, She disappeared Never to be Seen again. As Such, Not many Mortals Know of her Legacy.

Her Symbol is a completely Blackened world Dripping into Nothingness.