Metri the Goddess of time is a Strange one indeed. Metri is a Scatterbrained Goddess that knows not where, or When she is in Time, but unlike all of the other Greater Gods she has a physical body and Walked among the Mortal Races like any other person. Her Typical Appearance is that of a Small Little White haired Female Gnome. She is Easily the Most forgotten Greater God as her Presence is small and easily overlooked. She is also the Weakest of all the Gods, Greater and Lesser, making her easier to be killed off. However The problem with this lies with her involvement with every major event in the History of the Universe. Should she Die it would create a Ripple in Time that could tear the very fabric of reality in half, unless someone is to prevent this death from happening with the help of either a Future or Past Version of the Goddess of time.

However With Metri being as Scatterbrained as she is, she often forgets that she is the goddess of time and during important events give out information about how a situation will play out that will rewrite the predetermined future giving her massive headaches and completely alter her memories as this happens. The God of Fate Enjoys his time messing with her but also loathes the moments when she inadvertently messes up one of his plans via her direct interaction.

Her Symbol is an Hourglass Partially Cracked.