Pheonix Pass is a large sprawling city built on top of a dungeon that has stood as an adventuring hot spot/neutral zone for all peoples for the last few centuries. Having been founded by an unknown adventurer, it quickly grew in popularity due to the riches many would carry out, and its most unique factor. In the many years sense its discovery, none have found the end of the dungeon, as every 24 hours it mysteriously shifts and changes its walls by an unknown form of magic. Another common rumor is that at the end of this spirally dungeon only known as Thantose by the locals. Lay an old god Tiamat. However this is obviously just a rumor.. right? One way or another this has caused this city to be highly popular, and was eventually used as a cease fire zone for dimplomatic and political meetings. The city is sliced into five different districts.

The Adventurer's District which takes up the majority of the city plus laying in the western most section of town, holds within its heart the enterance to this endless dungeon. Here lays all the shops, bounty boards, and other things that any adventurer might want to use in the dungeon. To the direct north of that is the water front district that sits on the edge Dragon Water lake. Here is where the poor and scoundrals live. To the south of the Adventurers district lies the Cliff Side District. Here overlooking a beautiful waterfall that comes off of the lake, is where most of the middle, to high class live. Mostly merchants and successful retired adventurers live out their days here.

To the East of the Adventueres District is the ambassador's district. Here is where all political and dimplomatic meetings are held. This section is split off from the main half of the city, the main entrance being a massive bridge that is build over the waterfall. Most of the public are not allowed to enter this zone. Finally to the north of the Water Front District. Is the Warrior's District. Here there is a massive Arena known as the The Dragontooth Coliseum where combatants may test their might against each other, animals and monsters. Easy coin, but a dangerious line of work. Many lose their lives there for the sake of entertainment. This section, is too seperated from the whole of the city by a large bridge.