Symbol: A Mortar and Pestle // Colors: Blue, White and Green

Alignment: Lawful // Weapon: None

Aspects: Herbs, Alchemy, Medicine, Healing, Life and Health.

Followers: Doctors, Clerics, Surgeons, Alchemists, Medics, Druids.


Dressed in Loose White Cloth with Blue and Green Embroidery. Long Black hair and Piercing Yellow Eyes.

Lifes Breath:

All Deserve good Health

All Deserve Life's Gifts

And So

All shall be Healed by

My Soothing Medicine

Let the Natural world

Fill your Lungs with


The Hot Springs of Life:

Quaid being the Pacifist God that he is welcomes lost souls to his Hot Spring where they can heal the pain that life had brought them. Soothe them into eternity for life is about Being alive and relaxing None shall be Distraught over the life they have led, or the horrors they have witnessed. Contentment is all you will find at the Hotsprings.