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Raven is an eccentric and excitable girl hailing from the distant lands of the Kazen. She is naturally passionate about everything she does, and always has a blast while doing it. Recently, a pact with a demon caused her personality to have shifted to become slightly more twisted, Despite this she remains a good natured individual. Having ran away from home from a feeling of disgrace, she now travels the land in hopes of finding her place among a confusing and cold land.

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Raven was born to the wealthy Amberdew family, the rulers of the Kazen islands. As the Kazen are humanoids born of flame, they are naturally creatures of passion and honor. Controlling ones internal fire is a rite of passage among many, especially within the royal family. When Raven leaned at a young age of ten that she held not the power of her father, she quickly fell into a deep depression. She found herself escaping her father's watchful eye at night, and sneaking out into the public populous. (unfinished)

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