Symbol: A Brush Dripping Paint // Colors: All

Alignment: Lawful Neutral // Weapon: A Paint Brush

Aspects: Art, Music, Emotion, Culture, Festivals and Worlds.

Followers: Artists, Musicians, Celebrators and Seers.


None Know what Venikiehn looks like. Many believe that he paints himself in a new image with each new Painting that he creates.

The Aria of Worlds:

Those that are Kin

to Destruction Cannot

Paint a World. Those

Absorbed by Destruction

Must Not, Paint a World.

The Painted Lands:

Venikiehn being a Painter has been Lost for a long time but it is believe that he is merely creating more Worlds connected to the paintings he's left behind. These Paintings are all Linked to one another but Not entirely Connected. Little Is known about the Painted lands but it is said that should you find one it will be difficult to get back to the world from Whence you came.