Symbol: Hair Blowing in the Wind // Colors: Jade, Azure and Zircon

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral // Weapon: A Fan

Aspects: Love, Fertility, Beauty, Passion, Seduction and Gender.

Followers: Men, Women, Escorts and Mistresses.


The Goddess of Beauty has no Specific Appearance, and Instead appears as the Most attractive thing to each individual, Dressed in whatever they desire.

Your Desire:

Give into the Love

Inside your heart. Let

The Passion fill you to

The Brim allowing your

Beauty to Overflow for

All to See.

The Garden of Passion:

A Rich and Fancy looking Royal Garden Filled with Flowers, Men and Women alike. Not Much has to be said about that goes on in the Garden as it is known that the Acts the Goddess fulfils here along with everyone else is of a Sexual Nature.