Symbol: A Mask // Colors: Any

Alignment: Any non Lawful // Weapon: Shotel

Aspects: Acting, Lying, Disguise, Trickery.

Followers: Performers, Spies, Thieves, Assassins


None are sure as to what Zaevriis Looks like Some Speculate that Zaevriis is male, Other Believe that Zaevriis is Female. The God of Lies and Deceit is just that, always in disguise.

The Act:

I feel their Eyes on me, For should they look away

They might miss the action, Tragedy! Love! Betrayal!

Create the Stage for a Beautiful Story. Do not Bore me

For I Want you to Adore me!

Drama! Comedy!

Bring out the Stage Crew, Put on the Makeup

It is almost Time So Hurry up!

Draw the Curtains, Douse the candles.

This Play Shall not End up Shambles!

The Grand Play:

All that is known about this realm is through the nonsensical babble from his followers. They always believe that they are in the spotlight and wish to entertain not just Their God but all that are watching them and that even in death they will continue their Act on the center Stage. What this means not many truly know, the only thing that researchers can gather is that sense Zaevriis is one of the more ‘Vocal’ Gods, Known for trying to interfere with the lives of Mortals. Besides that from what few researchers can gather Zaevriis is one of the few gods that will sire children with Mortals.